BMW GM5 Repairs : Our repair service is fast with 24hr return!

  • Power window control

  • Remote entry (locking and unlocking via key fob and central locking button)

  • Boot release (via key fob, handle button and interior boot release button)

  • Vehicle alarm (siren, tilt & sonar sensors and clown nose light)

  • Windscreen wiper and washer (both front and rear if equipped)

  • Interior lights

So if the problem / problems are with those functions then there is a strong likelihood that the GM5 is at fault so you can send it to us for repair.

We do however provide a full diagnostics service, please enquire here

Once the problem has been diagnosed by you or us as being the GM5 unit you can leave your BMW with us, bring it to us or send us the GM5 taking advantage of our super fast 24hr repair service.

Removal instructions

Take a look at our GM5 removal instructions

If you are going to use our postal service and wish to remove the GM5 yourself
Removal instructions

We will test the unit before repairing it and test the unit after we repair before we send it back to you, to insure its working 100%, normally posting it back within 24 hours of receipt.

If you’re sending it to us simply follow this link to find out how.

Send to us
Send to us
BMW GM5 repairs
gm5 varients how to identify

When you receive the repaired module back reinstall it and it will just work. No need to pay a visit to your dealer, no reprogramming or coding required – simply plug and play.

We use genuine 100% original BMW parts – no cheap copies!

General Module 5 or GM5’s are used in a variety of cars including the E46 3-series, the E85 Z4 , the E83 X3 and the E52, Z8. In general they all use the GM5, but there are many different part numbers, see below.

61353454607 61354533550 61354533592 61354533551 61354533552 61354101416
61356944840 61356963026 61356963338 61356944842 61356907663 61356924250
61356932391 61356923960 61356932369 61356932371 61356944840 61356963026
61356907660 61356932371 61356944840 61356963026 61356963338 61356919275
61356914367 61356931707 61356932384 61356939943 61356940067 61356963338
61356988086 61356931707 61356939943 61356944844 61356963038 61358385541
61358385439 61358385409 61358385538 61358385540 61359161931 61359116445
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Original high quality relays

If you would like to repair the BMW GM5 yourself, we also sell the Tyco Relays on our online store
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